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If you want to work with a Minnesota company with the experience to get the job done right, with exceptional customer service, you will like working with us. We look forward to meeting you!

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Accredited Electric's History

Founding owners of Accredited Electric, Matt and Heather McGill, have been in the construction industry for over two decades. They take pride in their proven track record of owning and operating a small business within the construction industry.

Matt had been working for other electrical contractors as an employee. He studied hard, put in long hours, and passed the Master’s Electrician test. Then, in 2009 Matt and Heather took a leap of faith and started Accredited Electric.

At the time, Heather worked at a small construction manufacturing firm – initially in accounting and later in inventory management, process improvement, and customer service. Matt was a one-person operation by day, with Heather helping with management duties in the evening. The first job Accredited Electric took on was a laundromat.

Soon word got out that there was a local electrician who did quality work with a customer-service value system, so Accredited Electric grew quickly. Heather soon came on as a full-time partner and hired another electrician to keep up with the increased business. Over a decade later, Accredited Electric has multiple electrical crews, and they continue to grow.

Matt and Heather have learned a lot about running a successful small business in the construction industry. Along their journey, they have learned what it takes to avoid delays and keep projects on schedule. It’s something you can only master by doing, and they have been doing it since 2009!

Why Do You Need An Electrician?

We are proud to do electrical work for our customers. Not everyone gets to wake up every morning excited to do what they love. We don’t take that for granted.

We perform first-class electrical work and offer the best customer service every day on every project we accept. This means we work harder and longer hours, but our reward is building something that will last, and we can be proud to have our names on. We are honored to serve the people in our community. We’ve built long-lasting relationships based on quality and trust.

Don't Get Your Wires Crossed

Accredited Electric is here for you whether you need an experienced electrical contractor for a commercial build-out, a residential remodel, or just to fix those loose outlets in your family room.

Common Electrical Issues

Installing Led Light Fixture In The Shed Ceiling

Common Reasons for Flickering Lights 

If you are noticing flickering lights, we are here to help!
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