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Accredited Electric is proud to be a leading provider of electrical services in Minnesota for both home and business electrical work in Minnesota. Our team of experienced electricians are dedicated to providing the best possible service and results for our clients.

We are proud of the work we do, and to demonstrate this, we have put together some case studies looking at some of our successful electrical projects. We use only the best practices and techniques, ensuring that all our electrical work projects are completed on time and on budget. Our team of hardworking electricians has many years of experience, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed with the highest level of care and attention.

Upgrading a 1910s 14-Unit Apartment Building

A 14-unit apartment complex built in the 1910s still had all its original wiring and only had a single 100A service. All units were fed with 2 – 120V 20A circuits. The building had recently been sold, but the buyer’s insurance company required that the electrical system throughout the building be modernized and the electrical capacity upgraded prior to closing–in 30 days!

Project Challenges

While service was being modernized, the building remained occupied with minimal planned power outages. However, during the project, the building did suffer a partial power outage that was not planned. 1 of the 2 phases overloaded, and the 100A fuse blew. This power outage happened in late May when temperatures were constantly hovering in the mid-90s and was likely caused by tenants using window air conditioners. This will never be an issue again for this building after the upgrades.

Space was tight for the new equipment we installed, which made for tight corners and precision in placement to ensure all the equipment would fit while at the same time minimizing power outages to any of the units aside from the pre-scheduled outages.


We overcame these challenges by relocating the new service equipment to the opposite wall of the existing equipment. This allowed our team to minimize power outages and take the necessary time needed for a clean, organized installation.

Accredited Electric completely removed the service, unit feeders, and overload protection. We upgraded the building’s service to 400A 1 phase 120 / 240V. Due to clearance issues and other code violations, we relocated and upgraded 14 units and 1 – house meters and panels. The meters are now 200A bypass type, and panels are 12 space 100A fed, ready for any future unit remodels.


The sale of the apartment building closed. Thanks to these upgrades, the owner is now saving thousands of dollars in insurance premiums each year.

Minimizing Lost Revenue for a Parking Lot in Minneapolis

One of our service contract customers contacted us because they were rapidly losing power at the ticket toll booth. We sent a service crew to the site to evaluate the electrical system. The existing electrical system was original from the 1960s or earlier. 

Most of the electrical components in the damp basement were severely rusted or corroded, causing the loss of power.

Project Challenges

We worked in confined spaces and completed most of the work in a cold, wet basement without heat. We needed to reengineer the electrical system to prevent the issues from happening again while increasing the longevity of the new electrical equipment installed.

Because our customer was losing revenue while the system was without power, time was of the essence. Additionally, we needed to acquire specialized materials during a nationwide material shortage.


We treat total power outages as a top priority. And because we have multiple crews working throughout the Twin Cities, we rearranged our schedule to assess and rebuild the site immediately. 

We installed a temporary power source to get our team heat, improving their work conditions and efficiency. Our team members have great relationships and work well together, even in tight quarters. 

We possess the strong knowledge of the electrical code necessary to work with multiple electrical systems. So, we provided all the calculations and engineering required to update the customer’s equipment to meet today’s demands.

Our solid vendor relationships aided us in acquiring the specialized equipment necessary for the rebuild. 


Although we anticipated it could take months, our trusted vendors sourced the materials we needed for this project so quickly that we were able to start almost immediately and finish within a week. Our team rebuilt the electrical system employing mostly rust/corrosion prohibitive material. We changed the layout to better suit the customer’s needs and got the customer back up and running with minimal loss of revenue. 

Massive Water Damage to Residential Property in Eden Prairie

A local general contractor we have partnered with on multiple projects requested that we inspect a home for them. It was recently damaged when a broken water pipe on the second floor flooded the main and lower levels. 

Upon investigation, we determined that water had damaged most of the electrical wiring on the main and lower levels. So, the home had to be rewired for safety reasons. Also, we found multiple illegal installations while inspecting the property, which created potential fire hazards. 

Our team and all the contractors involved worked with the general contractor and in direct communication with the insurance company to come up with an agreed-upon resolution to correct the deficiencies caused by the water damage and illegal wiring.  

Along with rewiring the house, the homeowner also wanted to change the home’s layout and design dramatically. The project went smoothly, and the homeowner was excited to move in early, ahead of schedule.

Project Challenges

Since the home was over 30 years old and codes have changed considerably since initial construction, many items needed to be brought up to the current code with the integration of new wiring.

There were many different tradespeople involved with this project. So, it was necessary to coordinate with those creating high-end finishes to meet the customer’s expectations while working with others to make a cohesive, finished project that flowed well. 

When working with an insurance project, we advocate for the homeowner’s best interest, heavily negotiating with the insurance adjuster. Our goal is for the homeowner to be compensated for the additional code upgrades and required wiring to ensure the home is safe and in a livable condition.  However, this process can be time-consuming and slow down the project considerably.


When working on an insurance loss, we are not only hired to complete the necessary work and help homeowners and the general contractor repair the damaged components in their house. We are also hired to be the expert on current code compliance. Our Master Electrician invests considerable time reviewing the project, determining code upgrades, and verifying why the upgrades are required. 


By keeping open communication with all trades associated with the project, we minimized delays, maintained a high quality of craftmanship, and kept the project on schedule.  As a result, the homeowner was excited to move in earlier than expected. 

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